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The phenomena of mysterious, magical and paranormal studies of numbers which relate with human affairs is  NUMEROLOGY which is well known as SANKHYA VIGYAN (संख्या विज्ञान). Numerology is the study of numbers which affect your life and it is practice by many of the successful people in their everyday life.

It is a mystery of a long time ago when the word ‘NUMEROLOGY’ originated, which is taught and studied by many respected mathematicians throughout history. Where as many people dismiss it as a superstition and black magic. 

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Vastu consultation as we know is the system of architecture and design in Vastu Shastra which is of vedic origin. Vastu consultation provides an accurate and useful guidance to people who are home dwellers. This consultation encompasses application of vastu principles with respect to the interior design. This may be called as a living science which teaches us a way of living. Still being relevant in today’s world Vastu Shastra consultation is deep and profound. An accurate interpretation and application of this combined with modern architecture can bring growth and prosperity in one’s life.

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What My Clients Say?

I' am very happy with the services provided by megha mam it was a life changing journey with her as I have overcome with problems facing in my life.
Ms. Kadambari Thakur
I was facing many financial and family problems after that I came to know numerology is something which can change the life as I visited to Megha Maurya she told me the solutions of my problem and we worked for the problem by which from the day of consultation with her I have noticed changes in my life.
Mr. Yogesh Narkhede
Megha Maurya is one of the best numerologist in Nagpur I have visited many places during my bad time still I haven't get proper treatment then I saw the youtube channel of megha mam and get all solutions of my problems and know I'm enjoying my life as earlier.
Mr. Arjeet Ghosh