My Journey

Mrs. Megha Maurya is a passionate numerologist. She had started her journey 5 years before in numerology when she had gone through an incident that shook her.

Started her journey from a small village Ramtek near Nagpur Maharashtra she had never thought that she will run a Numerology company along with 2 Businesses parallelly.

 After her marriage she came to Nagpur. First 3 years after marriage she had played an important role of a housewife then from 4th year, she had started her work with max life.

She is still working with max life insurances senior business partner when she had qualified for tour to Malaysia for giving a huge business and qualifying as executive councilmember she had noted few common things and started connecting dots.

Even though she is trying hard she is getting success on few particular dates only then she started doing self-research on this then she had observed few things related with most successful and wealthy people and families in India and world.

She had observed that they were having some common things among them their mobile numbers, their phone numbers even their bungalow, flat numbers and important events follow particular pattern and this research had taken her to a journey of learning from experts across the globe.